A serious, life-threatening non-curable but preventable disease!

What is this disease?

  • a non-discriminatory disease
  • caused by a virus
  • attacks the liver

How do I get it?

It is transmitted in the following ways:

  • by having direct contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person
  • have sex with someone infected with hepatitis B (HBV)
  • have sex with more than one partner
  • if you are a man and have sex with a man
  • live with someone who has lifelong HBV infection
  • have a work that involves contact with human blood
  • shoot drugs
  • have haemophilia
  • patients undergoing haemodialysis
  • travel in areas where hepatitis B is common
  • being stuck with a used needle
  • sharing items such as razors, toothbrush etc.
  • during birth when the infected mother passes the virus to her baby
  • immigrants from disease-endemic areas

NB! People can spread hepatitis B without even knowing they have it!
NB! Other forms of hepatitis do not make you immune against hepatitis

Problems associated with hepatitis B:

  • eyes or skin may turn yellow
  • may have loss of appetite
  • may have nausea, vomiting, fever, stomach or joint pain
  • may feel extremely tired and not able to work for weeks or months
  • abdominal pain l
  • iver cirrhosis\cancer
  • coma
  • death


  • hepatitis B vaccination to:infants, children between 11 and 12, and high risk groups of all ages
  • screening of pregnant women, and blood\organ\tissue donors,

If you bring your HBV vaccination to the clinic, we will gladly immunize you. It can be bought at any chemist.