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HIV/AIDS affects us all!

HIV Testing and Counselling Services are available at the Nelson Mandela University Student Health Service at no cost.

Knowing your HIV status is the first step in getting information and taking action to stay healthy.

Nelson Mandela University Student Health Service HIV/AIDS care include the following comprehensive care:

HIV Prevention Strategies

  • HIV Testing Services (HST)
  • Female and Male Condom distribution
  • Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission
  • PEP programme (28 day treatment for HIV prevention post exposure)
  • PrEP Programme (HIV prevention in High risk groups)
  • STI
  • Counselling, screening, and referral for Male Medical Circumcision (MMC)

Free pre and post test counselling 

  • individual
  • couple
  • group

Free HIV testing

HIV testing

If tested HIV-negative:

  • free condoms, support group, motivation to maintain status

If tested HIV-positive:

  • Wellness support
  • free flu vaccination
  • aggressive treatment of minor ailments
  • free condoms
  • support groups (on and off campus)
  • CD4 count staging
  • ARV (Anti-Retroviral Treatment)
  • Treatment of some opportunistic infections
  • PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)
  • PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)
  • EMTCT (Elimination of Mother To Child Transmission)
  • VMMC (voluntary Male Medical Circumcision)

Treatment, Care and Support

  • Initiation of new clients on Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART)
  • Management of clients on ART
  • Monitoring  wellness and adherence
  • Prevention and management of opportunistic infections (TB, etc.) 

An appointment is required to access these services.

Campaigns and workshops

Contact information
Sr Nokulunga Ngwekazi
Site Manager
Tel: 041 504 2660