What to do in a medical emergency? STAY CALM! Contact your first Aider for immediate care

Procedure during office hours:

Phone Campus Health immediately!

South Campus: 041 504 2174

North Campus: 041 504 1149

George Campus: 044 801 5062

Procedure during office hours:

The University’s North and South Campus clinics are both operating for all your health care needs via a booking system.

Should you have any COVID-19-related symptoms call the Student Health Service @ 041 504 1149 (North) or 041 504 2174 (South) or the national helplines 0800 029 999/0800 111 132 or your doctor to access the appropriate care. Do not come to the clinics, instead phone the clinic. You will be advised of the next step to follow.

For all other ailments and concerns, however, you can book an appointment at either clinic using the booking link on the student portal or call South Campus clinic on 041 504 2174 or the North Campus clinic on 041 504 1149. 

After Hours emergency medical care (including weekends and public holidays):

If you are a student and become ill after hours, you have the following options:

  1. Residence students: Report to your  Residence Manager, House Committee member or RSA (Resident Student Assistant) if you are a residence student on campus or in an accredited residence.

NB!!! Accredited residences on and off campus: Designated persons (Residence managers, RSA’s, the Prim or Protection services may call the In-House ambulance for medical emergencies.

  1. Day students and Non-accredited residences:
  • If you are on a medical aid, make use of a private casualty service.
  • If you are not an a medical aid, you will have to go to a public hospital such as the Livingstone Hospital.
  1. Ambulance service
  • Metro Ambulance 10777
  • Private Ambulance – (PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by you at private or public hospitals or for ambulance expenses.)
    • Guardmed 041 373 6766/6777
    • TraumaNet 041 364 1738/083 433 3333
    • Relay EMS 086 1061061
    • ER24 084124


  • Get help quickly.
  • Do not move the patient.
  • Do not crowd the patient - allow air to circulate.
  • Make sure the person is breathing! Call out his/her name ... Hello!
  • Check for a pulse.
  • Protect yourself (look for hazards eg exposed wiring)
  • If external bleeding, apply pressure (wear gloves).
  • If the person is having a fit/seizure, turn the person on their side, protect from injury and let the fit proceed. Do not restrain or stick things in the mouth.
  • Don’t give anything by mouth to someone who is unconscious or who may need an operation.
  • Cool burns with cold water, and cover with a clean cloth.