you are not well.....let's get well
If you are well.....let's stay well

Some tips on what to do to become well and stay well by addressing some of the areas of your life.


If you are suffering from any chronic ailments, have them monitored regularly - if chronic illness should appear, seek medical advice promptly.

To stay well do the following:

  • exercise three times per week
  • encourage the production of endorphins, released when laughing
  • rest and sleep adequately and restfully
  • eat healthily:
    • cut down on salt and fat
    • eat more roughage, fresh fruit and vegetables
    • eat three meals a day
    • drink eight glasses of water per day
  • have your annual flu vaccination
  • do monthly self-examinations eg breast, testicles
  • yearly medical check-ups
  • minimise secondary tobacco smoke
  • use alcohol within limits
  • stay away from drugs
  • always wear a seat belt
  • drive within the speed limit


  • enjoy life!
  • do enjoyable things - walk along the beach, work in the garden, visit friends.
  • seek solutions to problems.
  • give meaning to life by getting involved with community projects and helping others.
  • allow others to help you.
  • learn from your mistakes express feelings of anger, guilt and worries.


  • participate in your spiritual activities.
  • be tolerant of others' values and beliefs.
  • ensure that your job and value-system are not in conflict with each other.


  • maintain a continuous education program.
  • read a variety of topics regularly
  • improve your skills, eg verbal, writing, etc.