BackacheTypes of back pain


  • recurrent pain
  • any movement can start it off
  • pain may linger on for long time


  • suddenly and intensely
  • while doing something wrong or in the wrong way
  • pain for a short while

Causes of back pain

  • Backachetrying to move the immovable, may cause you to push, pull, twist, bend and strain your back in the wrong way
  • poor physical condition eg, obesity, weak stomach muscles
  • work requiring sifting or standing for long periods of time
  • emotional stress may influence the intensity with which you experience your back pain
  • long periods of inactivity


Treatment of back pain

Prevention is better than cure!

  • pain management
  • lose excess weight
  • maintain a good posture at all times by doing the following:
    • learn to stand tall with your head up and shoulders back
    • sit straight with your back supported
    • wear sensible shoes
    • sleep on a firm mattress
    • sleep on your side with knees bent
    • when driving sit with your back straight
  • exercise to:
    • strengthen back and stomach muscles
    • and reduce stress
  • learn to lift correctly:
    • avoid quick and jerky movements
    • position yourself correctly in front of object
    • bend your knees not your waist
    • lift the object using your legs, not your back
    • put down load by squatting down, keeping your back in an upright position

NB! If the load is heavy, bulky or awkward: Do not be a muscle man, ask for help!